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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  August 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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disease-carrying mosquito, better watch out as the fight against zika virus intensifies. and new information about the virus that shows pregnant women may not be the only ones who need to worry. how zika virus could affect the adult brain. >> can help them find the person who attacked an elderly man and stole his suv. and south tampa residents are feeling safe they are morning. a trio of burglary suspects police blame for a string of crimes are waking up behind bars but they were not caught anywhere near the homes they targeted. good morning. and happy friday to you. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. thank you for joining us on this friday morning. you made it to the end of the
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for us. we are starting off picture perfect this morning. seasonable temperature, 78 for tampa and st. pete. 77 waking up in plant city. and a little bit cooler, zephyrhills, not too bad this morning at 72 degrees. the radar, no rain. but we have a thin batch of clouds sliding through. and may provide for a beautiful sunrise later today. the sunrise just after 7:00. your average high is 90 but we're going to jump above that to 92 degrees. it's going that when you factor that in the humidity. we will take a look at forecast hour-by-hour in a minute and hoping that the roads stay fairly calm. >> fingers crossed but probably not going to happen. later, it will get worse. right now, looks good. i-4 through lakeland, nice drive from each entrance of the poll, parkway. a 16 minute commute. 11 minutes through wesley chap frequently state road 52 to 275. traveling on 75 in and out of
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west side, u.s. 19 north of new york avenue. we do have an accident but it's off to the shoulder no. delays. and debris on the roadway, northbound on the sunshine skyway bridge. and a new crash in sarasota. bee ridge at lockwood ridge. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. breaking news this morning. tampa police continue to comb over several possible crime scenes following a shooting this morning. >> yeah, the report of shots fired came in around 2:00 a.m. on nassau mile from downtown. news channel 8's meredyth censullo is onscene. meredyth, what are you learning out there? >> reporter: well, all tpd will confirm is that one person was shot and killed. i just talked to a woman who knows the mother very well. she said the young man in his 20s. and the family told him to stay away from this apartment complex but he came here anyway. no motive though has been released.
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right now. bullet holes in windows and a car. there was a crowd here all morning long, including the victim's mother and family members. and we do expect to learn more from the tampa police department later today. one resident of the neighborhood did come up to me this morning and said shootings like this are senseless. they told me there's a stop the violence walk this sunday starting at 2:30 from lee davis high school. gayle, back to you. >> it's okay, thank you. happening today, the fight against the zika virus comes here to the bay area. the university of south florida is hosting a discussion on the virus. and that will include local and state leaders. this comes as more non-travel related cases of zika virus are reported down in the miami area. 8 on your side's ryan hughes joins us live from usf this morning. ryan, two new cases were reported outside of the hot zone, the winwood neighborhood of miami. does it mean the virus could be
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>> reporter: gene, good morning once again. it could be and that's why the mayor of miami beach had a message yesterday. listen here -- >> we understand that there are two cases of zika virus in miami-dade county. they say there's a potential possibility that could be a link with those two cases with miami beach. but nothing, and i repeat nothing, has been confirmed from the florida health, by the centers for disease control or by the county. >> reporter: there's concern now that the virus could affect the $24 billion a year tourism industry in south florida. right now, act at this transmissions are -- active transmissions are still only in the winwood area. officials urge people to spray themselves with bug repellant. miami-dade county students got a unique uniform. they were given long pants and
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protect against zika virus. u.s. representatives kathy castor and david jolly will tour a usf mosquito lab this morning. during the event, experts will talk about the virus and which a can be done to combat it. at last check, there were 479 travel related infections of zika virus in the state. 35 non-travel related and 63 involve pregnant women. gene, some startling statistics this morning. back to you. >> absolutely. and seeing that vide school kids picking up the special uniforms, that puts it in perspective. thank you. an elderly tampa man badly beat and left to die in his own backyard and it gets worse. the man who beat him stole his suv and his wallet. neighbors in this tight knit community on north 20th street in tampa want to know what would trigger someone to beat the 81-year-old. right now, police are looking for a person of interest. there he is.
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they are searching for the victim's suv. it's a red kia similar to this one with the florida tag z4swc. and now a wild chase through a busy part of brandon. this all ended with a dramatic moment. take a look. >> stopping traffic, trying to get in vehicles. he is carjacking this person. trying to get the person out of the vehicle. >> a bird's eye view from the sheriff's helicopter old corey johnson struggles to get in the truck. you can see the truck swerving as the driver fights him off. finally, johnson gives up and tries to make a run for it but an employee of a nearby flooring company ends up joining in on the action, tackling the guy. >> i figured what i would do is just get in the guy's way and slow him down. that was all. planning on slowing him down, maybe the cop would catch up to us. >> deputies had been following
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saw him driving the wrong way on i-4 wednesday afternoon. at one point, he even went into a gas station and changed the shirt to try and throw off deputies. this morning, tampa police believe they've stopped burglars responsible for breaking into at least 2025 south tampa homes since march. police-- at least 25 south tampa homes since march. police released surveillance video that shows the burglars in action. they announced a break in the case when stolen credit card at a local business. >> once they used the card, they identified a subject. >> the swipe led them to arrest three people from south florida. police recovered some stolen jewelry when they made the arrest. they are working to return the items to the victims. another group of accused crooks busted in polk county. right now, seven people are facing racketeering charges
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deputies tell us the thieves are hiding electronics in diaper boxes and then heading to the could wanter and paying only for the diapers. detectives tell us these people made off with more than $178,000s in electronics. they're still looking for three people. all right, it is 6:08 on this friday morning. yes, i said it. it's friday, ed. >> yeah, tgit. and hopefully we can get nice conditions this morning. thankfully weather-wise, looks like it's going to cooperate for us for the mo friday. starting off with temperatures in the 70s. 23478 tampa. 73 for weeki wachee. 27 in inverness. the south, 73 this morning in venice and north port. so hour-by-hour today. watch those numbers climb quickly. we're going to hit 90 by 1:00. on the way to 92 for your afternoon high. about a 30 to 40% chance of seeing the showers and thunderstorms. the tropics are active. tropical storm fiona, another invest that the hurricane cent sermon or thing has a 50%
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next five days. and another system about to roll off of africa. we will have to watch that one as well. it has a 30% chance of developing. one way to kick-off the weekend, hoping for a ray's win later tonight as they play host to the texas rangers at the trop. 83degrees, scattered showers and thunderstorms nearby if you're tailgating nearby before the game. rain chances come down through the weekend, slightly drier air and a reverse summertime pattern coming our way. weather-wise, not too bad. let's see if traffic is cooperating. > i feel like it's going to change. i can predict that. but we want to say go rays. >> that's right. >> beat the rangers. hudson, this is in pasco county. a collision but it's off to the side of the roadways so no delays. it is north of new york avenue. got a good drive on the sun coast parkway. and also state road 52 looks good both directions from west to east in pasco. and debris on the roadway northbound 275.
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skyway bridge. and no delays. and this accident here, just heads up, bee ridge at lockwood ridge. i am seeing westbound delays on bee ridge there at lockridge at the intersection. that's weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. it is back to school time. that means making sure all the kids are all the supplies they need for the classroom. >> they aren't the only ones that need supplies. so do teachers why it's important to help teachers keep the classroom stocke and ice cream drama leads to a slap. why police claim this woman had a meltdown at the ice cream shop. now the charges she is facing. first though, rebuilding after devastating floods. the next step for residents in southern louisiana as the water finally begins to recede. you're watching news channel 8
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? ? ba da ba ba ba ? we're back. louisiana residents are beginning the long and difficult task of cleaning up. many now returning home after the flood waters started to recede. officials estimate more than 40,000 homes were damaged in these floods. the director of homeland security toured the damage and is promising federal help. and today donald trump and his running mate mike pence will tour the affected area. and look, firefighters in
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wildfire burning east of los angeles. right now, crews report this fire is 22% contained. it started tuesday and since then, it scorched 56 square miles. more than 80,000 people were forced to lever their homes. officials are hope -- to leave their homes. an ice cream meltdown lands a michigan woman in jail. surveillance video shows a woman slapping the manager of an ice cream shop in royal oak. the woman allegedly did it because the st her favorite flavor of ice cream. she really wanted that fudge ice cream. >> that explains it. >> that's good stuff. police arrested the 46-year-old and they claim she is the same woman who drop kicked a birthday cake this summer at a kroger grocery store because she didn't like it. >> don't mess with her sweets. >> yeah. now she is facing 93 days in jail and a $500 fine.
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cream with that. >> yikes. uber is using its way into self-driving cars. the ride sharing company plans to offer rides in the self- driving vehicles for us all. during the test phase, an uber employee will be at the wheel just in case anything goes wrong. if things go well, they hope to expand to other cities. chances are, you're part of a rewards program whether it's airline mile, hotel stays or credit card points, but is unlike saving money in the bank, it doesn't always pay to let the points stand idle. programs can change terms to make pointses less valuable or expire altogether. while you're thinking about it, go through your mail, wallet and key chain and take stock of your loyalty programs and then assess which ones fit your life style and pick a few to toe focus on. >> how often -- few to focus on. >> how often are you going to
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category. >> frequent fliers might benefit more from from airline miles. and american airlines and chase announced terms changing this year. that will increase the number of points needed to redeem rewards. all right, now time to get schooled with 8 on your side. your school shopping list is complete, kids are back in the classroom and everything is up and running for the new year. not so fast. you would be surprised how quickly those supplies we for run out. >> reporter: when you buy and donate school supplies for your child's classroom, it means everything to teachers. in south tampa, educators believe it makes children and families part of the school's community. >> it helps the teachers. we unfortunately don't have an excessive amount of supplies at all times. >> reporter: and you would be surprised how quickly they run out. >> supplies run out.
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>> reporter: if you're out and about and spot supply sales in the coming months, check to see if your child's teacher has a wish list. >> for myself, i love using a class website. it's easy communication. everyone has a smart phone and internet. so it's easy for them to see what i might need. and my door is always open to my parents. if they have a question, they just pop their heads in and and. and i definitely have things that i need. and a will post it on their door and have post-its and the parent can take a sticky note and see what they need and pick it up. >> reporter: and a new trend in school supplies, bundle programs. now this year a will the of parents decided not to go from store to store trying to get the list of supplies. instead, many schools were contracting with companies like school tool box where you can have your supplies drop shipped
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now the online bundle packages are something to watch for next year as more and more schools start to offer them. that school does not offer it yet but so many parents are asking about the program that the school is considering offering bundles next year. >> i get the convenience factor but it takes the fun out of the shopping. how else are you going to pick your keeper? >> there's that. at the end of the day, for parent, it's so convenient. and you can still shop for the backpacks, lunchboxes -- >> the extras. >> yeah, you like the tin kind. >> yeah, that's what i had with the little cup inside. ed, what was your favorite back then? >> i just -- back then, everyone needed to have a specific kind of backpack. and if you didn't have it, you were not cool. so we got to get you a trapper keeper, gene.
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degrees. we have a little bit of a breeze. the winds are light or calm. now today, we're expecting our typical sea breeze thunderstorms to develop during the afternoon hours. and then as we go into the weekend, a change in the pattern. we're going to have a chance of morning showers with more of on ann shore flow. and the tropics, really starting to heat up here. 8:00 a.m., 78. we hit 29 this afternoon. starting off with low to mid- 70s out the door this morning. let's take you forecast. our rpm model showing the sea breezes develop and collide inland. and again, the inland spots, a better chance of seeing rain later on today. and then tomorrow, there's that wind developing onshore. we will see clouds, maybe a stray shower along the coast. and then storms that develop will start pushing inland through the afternoon hours. for saturday, and also for sunday, rain chances fairly low by sunday with a high of 90. time to check on the traffic.
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old lunchbox i remembered, i had a charlie's angel's one and i was so proud of it. traffic there. bee ridge at lockwood ridge, we have an accident. i was seeing delays but those have dissipated. maybe they're trying to finally get this out of the way. and we have a great drive on 75 in and out of sarasota. let's take a look at the sunshine skyway bridge. debris reported northbound but not seeing delays in the area. quick live look, this is i- looking good in lakeland. that's weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> charlie's angels. >> yeah. harry potter fans can expect more magic. >> still ahead, what author jk rowling is working on. also, ache a cheesy twist to wedding cakes. a new trend taking the sweetness out of cakes. you're watching news channel 8
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well the wizarding world of harry potter is getting a new addition. jk rowling is working up new ma'amic in the form of three new ebooks. they are $3 a piece and you can pre-order them now. they are expected to be published september 6th. this may be too cheesy the traditional wedding lovers. >> i have a sweet tooth. brides in wisconsin are starting to and for cakes made of cheese. >> i like it but man they're ugly. >> not beautiful. they stick wheels of cheese to create a savory memorable tweet. >> that could be the something blue. >> that's true. it looks like a cake, sort of. we are told the idea started in england and now it's taken off in the u.s. like a little piece
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and then can you save it for a year and then have it on the first anniversary? >> yeah, you got to freeze the top. new information in the ryan lochte controversy in rio. >> what one swimmer in brazil is doing to get his passport. and 100 medals and counting for team usa. we are live with a look at some of the amazing performances from the red, white and blue. first, weather and traffic on the 8s is just three minutes
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good is in every blue diamond almond. good is a catalyst, good is contagious. and once it gets going there is no stopping what you can do. get your good going. blue diamond almonds.
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a steamy end to the work week. emoji man is going to be sweating big time. temperatures in the low 90s. 40% chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. those rain chances drop through the weekend, highs around 90. good morning, leslee. good morning.
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lakeland area. sarasota, we still have a collision trying to wrap up. it's at bee ridge road and lockwood ridge road.
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breaking news overnight, gunfire erupts in a tampa neighborhood. one person is dead. we are live this morning as investigators work to determine what sparked the deadly shooting. and fighting the in florida. today the war comes here to the bay area. how usf researchers leading the way. caught in a lie? new information on the u.s. swimmers who reported being robbed in rio. why the u.s. olympic committee is apologizing and now one swimmer is paying brazil. good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. happy friday. leigh's taking a day off.
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that's all right, we've got ed in the house. >> yeah, starting off this friday, not too bad. 80degrees at clearwater beach this morning. temple terrace, checking in at 74. and 73 in brandon. and generally a mix of mid-70s for inland communities. 73 brooksville. and 74 in wimauma. dry for the morning but the rain chances creep back up to around 30 to 40% as we go into the afternoon. similar to what we were looking at yesterday. just a few clouds out there this morning. but those temperatures stay we will jump to 92. again, the rain chance getting better for the inland counties. now coming up, we will look at the tropics which are certainly starting to heat up in the atlantic. and as we expect, this time of the morning, traffic starts to heat up. >> it's getting busier. more vehicles on the road. overall, we still have a pretty good drive. and we have a collision, but no delays anymore. bee ridge at lockwood ridge, this is in the sarasota area. i-75 looks great throughout
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up through ruskin. hillsborough county, it's actually a disabled vehicle and it's westbound hillsborough avenue. right at 56th street. that left-hand turning lane to 56th, that is blocked. again, the westbound side. great drive on i-4 and 275. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you, leslee. this just in, one of the american swimmers accused of falsely reporting a robbery in rio is agreeing to authorities to donate nearly $11,000 to a charity. in exchange, he gets his passport back. in the meantime, two swimmers are already on their way back from brazil. they boarded a plane in rio overnight. not saying anything to reporters. their departure came hours after police announced that gold medalist ryan lochte and three teammates had not been
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of partying. rio officials say the olympians were drunk and vandalized a business then made up a cover story. police pointed to lochte as the principle troublemaker. also overnight, the u.s. olympic committee issued a far moll apology to the -- formal apology to the city of rio. a man is dead and residents of a tampa neighborhood are fed up with the violence there. news channel 8's meredyth censullo is on the scene of a shooting near wn evidence this morning. where are you and what have you learn sod far? >> reporter: well, we are -- learned so far? >> reporter: well, we are on nassau street, less than a mile from downtown. and residents are starting to lever for work and school. making their way around crime scene tape. throughout the morning, investigators have been gathering evidence at a couple of locations. we noticed bullet holes in a car as well as in an apartment
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that a man was killed. people here don't -- people say they know who the family is. they say the man was in his early 20s and that he does not live here. his mother and family members have been onscene this morning, obviously very upset. a woman tells me that residents were frustrated with all of the shootings here. she says there is a stop the violence walk on sunday. it starts at 2:30 at lee davis high school. back to you. residents. thank you, meredyth. the fight against zika virus in florida comes to the bay area. the university of south florida is hosting a meeting with local and state leaders to discuss the virus how and how to combat it. it comes as the miami area reports more non-travel related cases. 8 on your side's ryan hughes is live this morning. ryan, we understand the officials believe the two new
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area of the winwood neighborhood. >> reporter: exactly. a miami city official links two cases to miami beach which indicates the virus may be spreading. the number over there now is 35. florida officials have considered making miami beach a transmission zone but they tell us, they haven't done it at this point yet. let's go to video right now if we could. there's concern now that it could affect the $24 billion a year tourism industry in south florida. right now, active transmissions are still only area. officials urge people to spray themselves with bug repellant. this year miami-dade county students got a unique school uniforms. officials gave students long pants and long sleeve shirts intended to protect against zika virus. more than 200 families from six public schools near the affected area showed up to collect the uniforms. u.s. representatives kathy castor and david jolly will tour a mosquito lab this morning as part of a meeting
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zika virus on our doorstep. and other leaders from the travel and transportation fields plus local hospitals and government organizations will be onhand as well. this is where it happen at usf. we plan to be at the meeting and we will have updates throughout the day. should be interesting. >> and a very serious issue. so it's great to see everybody coming together to fight it. all right, thank you, ryan. usf students are on alert. police there are searching for a man exposing himself near dining at least three separate cases were reported within just six hours last night. police are looking for a white man possibly in his 30s. and they're asking students to report anything suspicious. a man accused of putting skimmers on gas pumps is out of jail this morning. he bonded out overnight. he is accused of putting skimmers at two gas stations back in may and june. one was discovered on west waters avenue.
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in one case, investigators claim he installed the skimmer while pretending to pump gas. >> it took a little while longer for them to actually, you know, place the skimmer on. and it just happened to catch the eye of an employee who was paying attention. >> good that he was paying attention. investigators are now working to see if he's connected to any other cases. a shocking crime in a bay area beach community. a 16-year-old is accused of stabbing his own mo brother as they vacationed in siesta key. deputies arrested the 16-year- old. he is accused of stabbing his mom and 14-year-old brother at the turtle beach condo where they were staying while visiting from massachusetts. the mother and brother are expected to survive. he is facing two counts of attempted second degree murder. polk county parents with kids at five failing schools will have to wait a little longer to find out what changes will take place.
6:38 am
improve the schools' failing grades. the proposal includes redirecting at least a million dollars and calls for more teacher planning time. but parents don't understand why it took so long to come up with a plan. >> they brought up the excuse of it's funding. now they're willing to dump money back into the school when they should have been doing it all along and to every program out there. >> polk county school administers will meet with the state board of education august plan. 6:38 on this friday morning. ed bloodsworth is in for leigh spann morning. not a bad morning. >> absolutely. forker this time of year, right about where we should be temperature-wise and conditions- wise as well. expect a dry commute this morning. looking gorgeous as we get closer and closer to sunrise over at lakewood ranch from the lake club, 76 degrees for the current temperature. starting off at 77 in clearwater. and 73 in venice this morning.
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zephyrhills, both at 72 this morning. through the day, we roll on through the middle of the day and the temperatures heat up quickly. getting 90 by 1:00. 29 this afternoon with scattered showers and thunderstorms. developing for the inland locations. i mentioned the tropics. tropical storm fiona having a hard time holding together. this system we're keeping our eyes on here as it looks to roll towards the caribbean. and the hurricane center giving about a 50% chance of development. and another system off of if you are tracking fiona, it's expected to have a hard time holding together as it encounters a rough environment over the atlantic. next couple day, right or above average around 90 to 92. this weekend, rain chances coming down. we will talk more about the rain chances in a bit. but first, a quick check of traffic this morning. leslee, monitoring a couple things. >> that's right. not too bad. it could be worse. we have a couple issues.
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let's take a look at ybor city. 301 to 275, about a 10 minute commute. starting to slow down. you're seeing yellow. and that's typical. we have a great drive on the veterans expressway, southbound new york city delays. let's go ahead and move in to the tampa bay area here on westbound hillsborough avenue right at 56th street. we have a disabled vehicle that is tying up the left turning lane. and also state road 56 at wesley chapel boulevard out in pasco coun traffic on the 8s. now back to gene and gayle. in the road to rio. team usa reaches the century mark. that's 100 medals for you. >> isn't that incredible? and there are still a couple days of competition left to win even more. news channel 8's paul ryan is live this morning from rio. so paul, even though the games are coming to a close, there's a lot more action to come. >> reporter: a hundred medals
6:41 am
around your neck? although the journey is coming to an end, just three days of competition remaining but if yesterday taught us anything it's that the summer games are still full of surprises. she became the first-ever female wrestler to win gold for the united states. upsetting the three-time defending japanese champion. and that turned out to be a harbinger of things to come. >> thank you so much for supporting >> been a long journey. >> so thankful for this journey. >> reporter: don't stop believing. hold on to that feeling. the journey to the closing ceremonies took another detour through the city of gold on thursday. ? ? >> reporter: four athletic events ended with an american atop the podium. the 400-meter hurdles. >> it can be anything you're working towards, just believe in yourself and believe you can
6:42 am
it. >> reporter: a new olympic record in the shot put. >> it's heavy but right now, it feels weightless. >> reporter: reclaiming the crown as the world's greatest athlete in the decathlon. >> it kara kostanich a lot. a lot of time, energy, but it's worth it. >> and here they come. >> reporter: and hey there, don't you worry about the distance. earns gold in the women's 400 100th medal of the games. >> i knew i was ready and did what i have been training to do all year. >> reporter: bolt's quest for a triple-triple is nearly complete. the sprinter won the 200- meters, his eighth gold in 8 all-time finals. his flawless olympic career ends tonight in the four by 100 relay. >> to be the best, tough prove on the biggest stage and that's what i do. show up when it matters the most because i want to prove to the world that i'm the
6:43 am
>> reporter: afrom the medal stand, a mixed bag for team usa. the women's indoor volley ball squad knocked off in the semifinals. they'll face neglecter lands in the bronze game saturday. female basketball players, they advance past france to get to the gold medal game saturday where they face spain. and local athletes, looking forward to seeing the st. petersburg run a leg of the four by 100 relay. and the lutz resident tianna bartoletta doing the same in the wo maybe a couple more medals coming back to the tampa bay area. >> real quick, coming to an end, favorite moment while there? >> reporter: favorite moment here in brazil? i think my one favorite, the day i got stuck at the beach. i was trying to cover the sailing event that was delayed because of the wind. and i met a brazilian kid who traded a pen with me and he was so excited to get one of the pins and i will cherish his
6:44 am
else i bring back. >> that's awesome. >> sweet moment. what a bum bummer, stuck at the beach. poor paul. >> you have been great. and your social media. >> thank you so much, paul. enjoy your time there. in the medal count, team usa reaches the triple digit mark with 100 medals. that's going to be heavy to carry back. 35 gold. 33ville silver. and 32 bronze. and china is next with 58. and great britain with 56. knuckle cracking, good or bad for you? >> what doctors found when they put knuckles under an ultrasound. it's a story you don't want to miss. and a monstrous storm that had a dinosaur looming over one state. see it? the story behind this picture.
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many people do this. cracking your knuckles. a new study is weighing in and researchers conducted ultrasounds on people like this guy who cracks their knuckles. turns out they do not have hand problems. in fact, researchers discovered knuckle crackers may have an advantage. they saw an increased range of motion after popping joints. the added flexibility comes from gas that's released when you crack your knuckles. who knew? > scary. >> yeah, but one lightning storm in arizona took a bite out of the sky. look at why. some say it looks like a dinosaur. >> missing the little t-rex arms though. >> yeah, the national park service posted the picture. it was captured at the forest national park. i think that's super cool. >> have you ever seen lightning create a loop loop like that. typically just comes -- what do i know?
6:49 am
the picture at the right time. that takes skill. and some skill to give us a beautiful shot like this. hopefully another sunset like this tonight. that was taken yesterday from sarasota. thank you for sending us that beautiful picture. the sun is rising. official sunrise just after 7:00 this morning but expected to be a beautiful start over downtown tampa and the hillsborough river. 78 for the current temperature. and as we roll through the day, the clouds will build up. warm and steamy at 87 at noon. 92 by 4: scattered storms. 78 right now in tampa. 72 for zephyrhills. and 75 for plant city. and just a few high clouds skirting across the sky this morning. otherwise, clear and quiet. but through the day, the sea breezes will develop. and we will see a few thunderstorms start to pop up. inland locations, didn't see too much yesterday. a better shot of getting wet later on today. and with more of an onshore flow. the coastal areas may see a shower tomorrow morning. overall, rain chances coming
6:50 am
to 20% by sunday. highs around 90. seasonable temperature-wise through early next week. and quick check of traffic on the 8s with leslee. all right, what's going on. we are starting to see slow-and- go traffic now. and we have been slow here in pockets through ybor city, 301 to 275, still 10 minutes. but starting to see slow downs on the veterans expressway. southbound ehrlich to 275, now 14 minutes heading out the door soon. let head into the tampa bay area here. not too far away terrace. disabled vehicle tying up the left lane on hillsborough avenue, the left turning lane on to 56 westbound. so keep that in mind. and overall, again, traffic getting busy in the area. and a collision state road 56 at wesley chapel boulevard. injuries involved. we've got an injury accident westbound cortez boulevard, that's state road 50 at marion boulevard. that's tying up lanes just outside of brooksville. and then shady hills area,
6:51 am
boulevard. that accident, injuries involved and it's tying up lanes too. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. what you need to know before you walk out the door is next. >> including the newest move by a u.s. swimmer embroiled in the controversy involving teammate rock lochte and the robbery they falsely reported. and gunfire in a tampa neighborhood overnight leaving bullet holes and cars -- holes in cars and windows. we are live.
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breaking news overnight, gunfire erupted in a tampa neighborhood. >> now one person is dead. news channel 8's meredyth censullo is live not far from downtown. >> reporter: yeah, this is where a young man was shot and killed overnight. investigators are still onscene here even as kids start heading to school.
6:55 am
focused on multiple areas of the complex. i was told by people who know the victim that he does not live here. his mom and family members were onscene earlier today. a neighbor says a stop the violence walk is planned for sunday starting at 2:30 at lee davis high school. meredyth censullo, news channel 8. >> thank you. and tampa police are looking for the man who beat up an 81-year-old and then stole his wallet and suv and left him in the backyard on 20th street. right now, they want to talk to a old. they're searching for his stolen suv. it's a red kia, similar to the one here. the plate is on the screen, z4swc. three people involved in a crime ring are on the loose and could be in the bay area. deputies tell us in this crime ring, thieves are going to walmart and hiding electronics in diaper boxes. and then heading up to the could wanter and paying only for the deepers.
6:56 am
arrested seven people who are now facing racketeering charges. and one of four u.s. swimmers accused of falsely reporting a robbery in rio is paying up. he agreed to donate nearly $11,000 to a charity in brazil. in exchange, he will get back his u.s. passport. in the meantime, the other swimmers boarded a flight back to the airport overnight. officials say they were not robbed, instead, they claim they were drunk and vandalized a gas researchers at the university of south florida are hosting a discussion today. u.s. representative kathy castor and david jolly will attend and they'll tour a mosquito lab to see what researchers are learning about the virus and the mosquitoes that carry it. and it's about that time. buc's fever in full swing right now. the peter pirates will head to jacksonville for the second pre- season game. we are your official buc's
6:57 am
that's tomorrow night at 7:30. weather-wise, temperatures starting off middle and upper 70s. very typical for this time of year. and our forecast, 79 at 8:00 this morning. a mix of sun and clouds. by noon, 87. back into the low 90s with a 40% chance of thunderstorm. inland, a better shot of rain today but everyone will see the rain chances drop will you the weekend as we enter a reverse pattern. onshore flow, coastal shower possible but the chance to 20% and highs around 90 into next week with morning lows into the 70s. typical summertime pattern next week. all right, and traffic is finally heating up with weather here. here we government we have slow- and-go action from bearss avenue to i-4 to the bottom. up to 16 minutes. and from i-4 to the howard frankland bridge, no delays. but south 275, hitting the brakes there. and let's check out this disabled vehicle. still tying up lanes westbound on hillsborough avenue. that left lane that turns on to 56th street. that is blocked.
6:58 am
injuries in lanes, state road 56 at wesley chapel boulevard. over here just outside of brooksville, westbound cortez is blocked. and also an accident, this one with injury, shady hills at piece boulevard. and a live look at traffic, westbound i-4 through ybor. and also we've got slow-and-go traffic as well on the other side of the camera, that's at 275 southbound. so typical right now. heading into downtown. >> all right. >> thank you. a few hours from now, you the weekend is upon us. >> and thanks for filling in ed. we enjoyed having you.
6:59 am
7:00 am
? ba da ba ba ba ? good morning. 100 and counting. team usa hits a medals milestone. ashton eaton winning gold in the decathlon to retain his title as the world's greatest dashes into the record books once again. and vandals not victims. overnight two of the u.s. swimmers involved in that gas station incident with ryan lochte leave rio after surveillance video proves they weren't robbed. a swimmer agreeing to donate $11,000 to get his passport back and u.s. officials issue an apology for their behavior today, friday, august 19th,


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